Many of the resources you'll find helpful as a Prestozon Partner (Agency Partner + Enterprise Partner) are applicable to all Prestozon clients and can be found in the various sections of our Knowledge Base detailed below.

Specific Knowledge Base articles for partners are highlighted within each section below. 

Prestozon Knowledge Base Resources + Support Articles for Agency Partners + Enterprise Partners

  1. General

  2. FAQ

  3. Getting Started

    1. Renaming Ad Accounts in Prestozon:

    2. Adding a new user or additional log-in to your ad accounts in Prestozon:

    3. Connecting with other Prestozon users:

    4. Prestozon Agency Partner Network Benefits + Resources:

    5. Prestozon Agency Partner Network Success Stories + Case Studies:

    6. How to Sign Up or Upgrade an Ad Account with a Promo Code

    7. How to Manage + Upgrade Ad Accounts Connected to your user and View Prestozon Subscription Status
  4. Troubleshooting

  5. PPC Performance Advice

  6. Subscriptions, Payments and Cancellations

    1. Special Agency Partner + Enterprise Partner Pricing:

    2. Prestozon W9 for Agency + Enterprise Billing and Invoicing - Accounting Setup

    3. How do I cancel my agency partner or enterprise partner plan with Prestozon? 

If you need further assistance don't hesitate to reach out to 

To help expedite a resolution please include any of the following details that may help us resolve your issue (if not already provided):

  • Amazon Account ID
  • Email address you use to login to Prestozon/Amazon
  • Screenshots or screen recordings to help with troubleshooting
  • If you’re an agency or enterprise partner please include your promo code as well