If you are a Prestozon Agency Partner or Enterprise Partner who has signed an Order Form you will be invoiced monthly.

To set us up in your accounting system if you require the MetaMuse Labs LLC dba Prestozon's W9 form please email Support@Prestozon.com

Invoices are sent via email at the beginning of the month for the prior month's actual usage across your ad accounts on the partner plan. If there are additional email addresses you would like added to the distribution for your invoices please email Accounting@Prestozon.com and the team will update the details on our side. 

Payment Options (will be detailed on the invoice for you), you can select from: Check, ACH or Credit Card. If you would like to set up recurring payments on your credit card our accounting team can take the details via phone and set that up for you.
  • Automatic Credit Card Payments - If you choose to put a credit card on file for automatic monthly payments for your invoices your payments would automatically be applied on the 16th of the month so that you have 10 days to review the invoice and ask any questions you may have ahead of the payment processing.

How do I know which accounts are being invoiced on my agency plan?

  • Each month along with the invoice we include attachments that detail all of your client accounts + active subscriptions you’re being invoiced for so you have an opportunity to review them in advance of paying the invoices. 

  • If there are any requests for adjustments those should be sent to us prior to the 16th of the month so you can ask any questions you may have ahead paying the invoice.

  • Additional billing details can be found in kickoff details which includes our Cancelation + Accounting details (row 36).
  • Any new accounts added to your partner plan with your promo code will be invoiced on a pro-rated basis from the day they were upgraded and added to your plan. Any accounts that are canceled will also be invoiced on a pro-rated basis from the date of the cancelation. For details on how to cancel individual accounts please see https://prestozon.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/22000242922-how-do-i-cancel-a-paid-subscription-