If you have multiple Amazon advertising accounts connected to your email address within Prestozon and want to simplify identification and management simply rename your accounts. 

You can rename ad accounts so you don’t have to decipher the Amazon Account ID each time.

  1. 1.Select the “settings” cog/icon, then “Rename Seller Account”
  2. Agency Best Practice Renaming: “CLIENT/Brand-Account ID” = “Prestozon - A2XXXXXXXXXXXX”
  3. When contacting Support@Prestozon.com please reference your account ID or if you're an Agency or Enterprise Partner please also reference your ADMIN promo code (in the subject line) + specific account number.
  4. TIP: If you have a lot of accounts you can also use CTRL+F to quickly search for the account name you want to select, view and manage
  5. Keep in mind that renaming accounts is on a per user (unique email address for login) basis, so each user with a unique email address logging in to Prestozon will need to do this in order to see it updated.