If you want to add a new user so they can help manage your Prestozon accounts or create additional log-in’s, here's how:

  1. Create User - Create that user, let's call her Devon@consultingcompany.com, in your Amazon Seller Central Account
  2. Enable Permissions - Make sure her enabled permissions include campaign manager and product ads performance reports view + edit permissions in Seller Central
  3. Sign up for Prestozon - Have her sign up with Prestozon with her own email (Devon@consultingcompany.com) 

At that point, she'll be able to see your accounts in Prestozon as a free user on our Forever Free Prestozon account which is always the first step to connecting to Prestozon. 

  • Agency Partner Plan - If your paid subscriptions and accounts are on the Prestozon Agency Partner plan and you have a custom admin promo code, the new user can upgrade from the Forever Free account to full access using your admin promo code or email support@Prestozon.comonce the user has gone through the steps above and we'll upgrade this new users' account for you. There is no additional cost for additional seats at this time.
    • If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of agency partner program email sales@Prestozon.com 
  • Individual Paid Subscriptions - if you’re not an agency partner, multi-brand or multi-account subscriber and have an individual subscription please email support@prestozon.com once you’ve completed the steps above and we’ll upgrade the new users account for you. There is no additional cost for additional seats at this time.

This method of adding a user ensures that permissions stay aligned with your permissions in Seller Central, and lets you control these permissions at all times.

Specific instructions on how to create a user and update permissions in Amazon:

To grant access to this new user, go to Seller Central then Settings in the upper right next to the search bar:

Go to User Permissions in the Account Management section (if you do not have this option, you may need an Admin on the account to help you):

To add a new user go to

Then, if needed, edit the user's permissions to include Sponsored Products permissions. Make sure Product Ads Performance Reports and Campaign Manager Permissions are enabled, like so:

Finally, have this user sign-up and register for Prestozon here: https://app.prestozon.com/sign-up. Logging in, this new user will see all accounts they have permissions to in the Prestozon accounts drop down menu (in the upper hand right corner of the screen) where they can toggle between accounts.

(Note: Account Upgrades are per user, so the new user and all accounts associated with that new user will be on the Forever Free account by default. They will need to select each account from the dropdown menu and upgrade the accounts for full access. They can either upgrade with an admin promo code if you have one or you can message support@Prestozon.com to have the new user attached to your existing paid account individual subscription.)