This is a helpful resource as you're getting started as an Agency Partner with Prestozon. You'll find helpful links to the top blog posts, knowledge base articles, YouTube videos, a New User guide and more!

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New User Training, Advanced PPC Strategies, Agency Partner Exclusive Webinars, Partner Panels User: We host new user webinars every month, this is a great resource for anyone new to Prestozon. You're always welcome to join if you want to ask the team a quick question or would like us to demonstrate how to do something in Prestozon.

Advanced PPC Strategies - for example our Advanced Keyword Rules webinar

Agency Partner Exclusive Webinars - content specifically for our agency partners regarding new capabilities or in-depth PPC strategies

Partner Panels - special topic webinars (COVID, Amazon EU Expansion, etc....) where we host a panel of our expert partners.
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Knowledge Base Solutions Overview first place to look for an answer is our Knowledge Base. Find focused and direct answers to all the common questions. It is the fastest way to get your answers, especially if you use the search feature. Take a look around and bookmark the page!

Frequently asked questions and resources for getting started, troubleshooting, PPC Advice and Product Features
Keyword Rules Keyword Rules to generate keyword suggestions and once you're comfortable with our methodology turn on keyword automation and start exploring our advanced rules custom thresholds to customize to your businesses needs.
PPC Performance Advice
Product Features
Amazon Permissions for Adding New Users to Prestozon the details you need to add new users or logins to Prestozon and for the permissions to add a user in Seller Central, basically you need: “reporting + campaign manager VIEW + EDIT” permissions
How to Rename Amazon Ad Accounts in Prestozon to simplify identification + management of your client ad accounts is to rename your accounts in Prestozon. Here's a quick agency partner best practice for you.
Getting Started Checklist
Prestozon Blog

Prestozon Blog place to go is our blog. We put a lot of important how-to content and strategic advice on our industry-leading blog. You'll also receive emails from us when we write a new post, so keep an eye on your inbox.

There is a wealth of information and detailed walk throughs on our blog. When we launch new features we'll typically write a blog post and provide Amazon PPC strategy and advice. I've included some of the most popular blog posts below for you.
Search Term Isolation Strategy is an incredibly valuable capability, that’s unique to us, which is the ability to implement a search term isolation strategy.

If you have a lot of keywords driving performance the impressions + performance will bounce around between the keywords and it can be hard to manage, this is why we focus on using search term isolation which enables you to have total control of that search term over multiple products.

Prestozon’s innovative approach empowers users to optimize towards a 1:1 relationship between a search term + exact match keyword so it’s easier to manage, gives you more control with a single bid and provides the optimal structure for our bid management and bid automation capabilities to excel.

* See our Success Stories Tab for real-life results from this winning strategy.
Search Term Chart Search Term Chart allows you to look at search term performance over time across your entire account, giving you insight into the behavior of your advertising campaigns in unprecedented detail. This allows you to see which targets are performing best for your search terms over time so you can drive traffic towards the highest performers.
How to Restructure Your Account you've taken on a messy or poor performing account this will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to restructure a campaign within Prestozon.
How to Set ACoS Expectations + Amazon Ads Calculator

One of the most common questions we get at Prestozon is, “what should my ACoS goals be?” The reality is, ACoS goals vary widely from account to account and even from product to product.

Use our Amazon Ads Calculator to determine a reasonable ACoS target based on your key metrics: AOV, CR, CPC
How to Pick and Set Your ACoS Target #1 piece of advice in setting your Automation ACoS targets? Don't set them too low.

Start moderate, you can always lower them gradually after you reach the first target. Otherwise, you risk losing sales volume.
Keyword Rules'll never need to spend hours combing through Amazon Search Term reports ever again. This post will explore what the Rules Engine is, why it matters, and some ways you can use it to improve your Amazon PPC.
Advanced Keyword Rules - Custom Thresholds has now added advanced options to customize your new keyword rule triggers. In the past, new keyword rules were triggered by a single sale in any of the source ad groups. Now, you have the ability to customize this trigger by setting the number of sales before the rule triggers and setting an ACoS threshold the search cannot exceed.
Prestozon Bid Algorithm + Thresholds first threshold is 1300 impressions. If you don’t have 1300 impressions then you definitely don’t have enough data to make a decision. This is because the lowest CTR you’re likely to see for a profitable keyword is 0.15% and you should have two clicks by 1300 impressions to have >0.15% CTR.
Prestozon New User GuidePrestozon New User Guide is a great resource for getting started on Prestozon from a new user perspective.
Prestozon Training Videos + YouTube ChannelJoin Prestozon’s YouTube ChannelPrestozon YouTube Channel
Prestozon Workflow with Ben our CEOWatch our CEO Ben's Workflow in PrestozonThe platform has a lot of new features since this was recorded but this is a walkthrough of Prestozon from our CEO Ben and highlights his typical workflow, there are some great tips in here.
Creating + Editing Rules VideoQuick Video - Creating + Editing RulesThe platform has a lot of new features since this was recorded but this is a walkthrough of Prestozon from our CEO Ben and highlights his typical workflow, there are some great tips in here.
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