Here are some getting started resources from Prestozon to help you get going within the platform. If you have questions for our team you can reach us at 

We host regular on-boarding and training webinars, details and upcoming dates are here

Prestozon Getting Started Checklist

 ✅ 1. Set your ACoS Target  Step-by-Step Instructions and Walkthrough Here
 ✅ 2Creating Keyword Rules Step-by-Step Instructions and Walkthrough Here
 ➡️ 3. Reviewing and Accepting Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions Step-by-Step Instructions and Walkthrough Here

Prestozon's New User Guide:

Here's an application walkthrough and tutorial with our CEO and Co-Founder, Ben:

Prestozon Platform Demo + Tutorial from our CEO Ben there are some great tips in terms of workflow and best practices for Prestozon.

Most sections of the Prestozon product have video walkthrough introductions at the top right.  If you can't access those videos on the page for any reason, you can access them directly from these links:

Bid Wizard 


Campaign Manager

Check out our YouTube channel for other tutorials, such as aggregating across campaigns and how to get the most out of the Search Term Explorer and creating and editing rules.

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If you're an agency or enterprise managing multiple accounts and would like to learn more about Prestozon's Agency Partner Network benefits and special pricing reach out to us here