With the introduction of Product Targeting, you can now leverage auto campaigns to find good ASINs to target for your advertisements and then shift those ASINs into individual targets in Product Targeting campaigns.  While Prestozon doesn't yet have this functionality in the platform (soon!!!), our analytics still makes it easy to do manually.

Here are the easy steps:

Go to the keyword explorer and select either a substitute or complement auto target (they'll be green in the explorer):

Click on the keyword text, in this case "Substitutes Auto Targeting".  This will bring you to the search terms for that target, it should be all or mostly ASINs.  From there, you can sort by "orders" and copy the ASINs with sales.

Take those ASINs and add then as Product Targeting ASIN targets in the Amazon Portal.

Very soon, Prestozon will do this process automatically via rules just like standard search terms.  Until then, this is a quick and easy process!