Optimizing new campaigns, 10 Points of Interest with Prestozon:

Now that the campaigns are created, give it a few days to get some traction and then check your suggestions under the Suggestions tab to see what our algorithm has to say about your account.

  1. Our Suggestions will sort by spend by default so the most important decisions are always at the top.

  2. We always try to give a reason for our decision making.  Account managers are the experts, we want you to be able to make informed decisions.

  3. Early in a launch cycle, some managers only approve bid changes that raise your bid!

  4. If you want more options like ignoring or snoozing a bid, you can do so by clicking the pink arrow.

  5. You can apply bulk actions to quickly apply or ignore multiple suggestions at the same time.

The keywords suggestions will suggest keywords based on your rules.  Whenever search term gets a converted sale in an ad group with rules applied, Prestozon will make suggestions based on your rules structure.

6) Prestozon shows all the keywords it wants to create.  It automatically searches for duplicates and won’t create those keywords.

Now you can hop into analytics and check out how everything is going.  Our search term explorer is a powerful view to see how search terms are doing across campaigns and keywords.

7) Our ideal keyword structure is Search Term Isolated.  That means there’s a 1 to 1 relationship between a search term and an Exact Match keyword.  This is going to give you complete control over that search term and ensure you aren’t just trading clicks and impressions between two equivalent keywords.

8) If you aren’t search term isolated, you may want to negate search terms in certain locations to maximize your efficiency.  Prestozon allows this right on the Search Term Explorer by pressing the “Neg” button.

9) Once you press the “Neg” button, a window pops up to allow complete control of exactly where you want to negate.

10) By unchecking the box, you can keep successful ad groups firing on that search term while negating in ad groups that are hurting your ACoS.