Launching with Prestozon’s 1 Click Campaign Setup in 10 Easy Steps:

  1. Decide which ASINs you are going to advertise (Seller Accounts require SKUs, Vendor Accounts use ASINs).  If you’re not sure how to group your products, read more about if you need this campaign.

  2. Enter your seed research terms.  These are terms you think will help your product sell, but you’re not sure.  It’s okay to put “maybe” keywords here.

  3. Enter your performance keywords.  These are your known winners. Only put keywords in here if you have advertised these products or very similar products before and you know the keywords are winners and have driven sales for you.

  4. Set your budgets.

  5. Set your ACoS target and default bids.  Remember, this is a launch, while you may want to drive ACoS down in the future, at first you want to drive for visibility and impressions.  Keep the ACoS target high and make sure your default bid is competitive right from the start. If you find that you’re not getting enough impressions then increase your bid to ensure you’re getting enough impressions to generate clicks (ideally 20-30 clicks minimum).

  6. Check out your preview and ensure that the keywords are being created per your preferences.

  7. Review your rules.  If you want to make a change, there are other rule options under the Advanced Options in the bottom left.  If you don’t see the option you want, you can do even more editing once you’ve created the rules. 

8) Branded terms are key to driving ACoS in competitive markets.  Branded terms often run significantly lower ACoS and higher conversion rate.  Prestozon allows you to put your brand terms in separate campaigns under the “Special” tab in the 1CS so you can manage these terms independently.

9) Set your ACoS and budget preferences for Branded campaigns.  Your branded campaigns will almost always with a lower ACoS and higher conversion rate so we suggest more aggressive ACoS targets and higher budgets, even at launch. It’s common to see products with 30% ACoS on non-branded terms achieving lower than 5% ACoS on branded terms. Read more about breaking out branded search here.

10) Review your entire new launch structure.  Complete with your SP non-branded campaigns and branded campaigns on the rules that govern them.

You’re all set! Now you’ve got a great campaign structure and have Prestozon set up to manage keywords and bids. Getting the most out of a product launch requires some judgement from the human account manager, so check in on your campaigns using Prestozon Analytics to get the last bit of performance out of them.