You can upgrade your Prestozon access with a promo code in 6 quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to + Sign In

  2. Click Allow on the Amazon Log In Page, this will load Prestozon

  3. Next Select the ad account + marketplace from the drop down and click the pink upgrade button (see screenshots below) "Pro" plan is the default

  4. Click “Have a referral code”

  5. Enter your Promo Code: YOURCODE  into the Referral Code field + Click “Apply"

  6. On the confirmation screen you will see your promo code + the pricing + Click “Subscribe"

Step 3 - 1st select the ad account + marketplace from the drop down
There will be an pink upgrade button in the upper right of the application:

Step 4 - Once you click upgrade you'll see the referral code link (the Pro plan is the default selection which you'll want to continue with and apply your promo code to):

Step 5 - You can enter your promo code there, then apply and subscribe: