You can use Prestozon for any Amazon advertising strategy. That said, Prestozon's theory behind our recommended structure has started transforming the Amazon advertising world and is worth understanding. It’s called Search Term Isolation, and it solves this problem: brands often bid against themselves by overlapping keywords. This muddies the waters and makes it hard to manage your bid properly in order to maximize your account efficiency.

Prestozon starts with search term level data and builds up all additional data points from the search term level. This approach ensures you have the necessary granularity, data structure and tools to control your search term exposure with a single bid.  Within the platform you can optimize towards a 1:1 relationship between a search term + exact match keyword so it’s easier to manage, gives you more control and provides the optimal structure for our bid management and bid automation capabilities to excel.

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Here's a visual of how Search Term Isolation works from a keyword management and movement perspective: