Amazon doesn't provide data in real-time or report sales for 24 hours. To make sure we only present accurate information, every night (after midnight in the timezone of the marketplace) we pull data for the day that ended 24 hours ago. This means that usually on a Monday the most recent day you'll see is Saturday. 

  • Performance Metrics (Impressions to Clicks to Sales - across the customer journey) - We pull performance metrics daily from Amazon, shortly after midnight in the timezone of the marketplace
  • Account State Changes - We sync master data changes (keyword changes, campaign changes, etc…) once a day at midnight in the timezone of the marketplace across all accounts.  You can manually trigger this sync in a marketplace by going to the gear wheel in the top right of the application and selecting the "Sync Amazon Data" option.
    • Account State Changes include: paused, archived, enabled for campaigns, ad group, keywords, ads and campaign budgets, start date, end date, keyword bid, ad group and campaign name changes

To further complicate matters, Amazon recently changed their reporting to only report keyword impressions for days with clicks. This means that if a keyword gets impressions but no clicks on a certain day, Amazon will not report those impressions for that day. Therefore, we won't show information for a campaign until it gets its first click. (This change affects both the API and Seller Central/Vendor Central/AMS.)

The reason Amazon doesn't focus on real-time data for the API is because their metrics aren't really real-time metrics.  There are certainly benefits to getting real time data, but Amazon uses 7 day (or 14 day depending on the product) attribution windows to determine if a click results in a sale.  This means that if you are looking at clicks in real time, you're probably not seeing ANY sales on the most recent clicks.  If you look at the past 24 hours you might see MOST of the sales, but a sale that occurs up to 7 days after a click can be applied back to that click.  The sale date will even reflect the date of the click and not the date the order was actually placed.

Because of this attribution window structure, real time data isn't as vital as other data systems.  It would definitely be nice to have, but in some ways, real time data in the Amazon PPC ecosystem can actually be misleading if someone doesn't completely understand the attribution structure.  It is much more beneficial to look at trends over longer time frames to ensure you have all the relevant data and attributions to make completely informed decisions for long term growth.

If Amazon updates their report to support sales data from the previous day we'll update Prestozon to pull more recent data. 

If you need some help reach out to us and be sure to include your Amazon Ad Account ID and/or the user email address you use to log in.