When you are a Prestozon Agency Partner or Enterprise Partner who has signed an Order Form and is invoiced for your monthly service your commitment to Prestozon is for the monthly minimum of the partner plan (you can add or cancel individual subscriptions at any time). As an agency partner you also receive exclusive access to the benefits of the Prestozon Agency Partner Network.

The partner pricing is typically cost effective for those agencies or enterprises managing greater than or $20k/month ad spend (Prestozon Pro is $500/month when your ad spend is $20k-$35k/month tier) or more than 3-5 ad accounts on Prestozon Pro. You can compare pricing here, for the same level of features as the partner plan you would select Prestozon Pro. For any accounts under $10k/month ad spend you could opt for our Prestozon Core offering which is $50/month flat for under $10k/month ad spend (please be sure to compare the features of Core vs. Pro here to determine the fit).

To cancel your partner plan (Agency Partner or Enterprise Partner):

  1. Cancel Individual Accounts/Subscriptions: Cancel the accounts/subscriptions directly in Prestozon so the monthly billing for that account will be pro-rated based on the subscription cancelation date, your ongoing commitment to Prestozon is for the monthly partner plan minimum: https://prestozon.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/22000242922-how-do-i-cancel-a-paid-subscription-

    1. All users or email addresses that have access to the ad account with Prestozon on your partner promo code should cancel their active accounts within the Prestozon platform. Any surviving subscriptions for any users will continue to be billed as this will indicate an active subscription where we continue to process data within that ad account. If you are unsure if all users have canceled their accounts please reach out to Support@Prestozon.com to request all active users are canceled or to request a list of your accounts by user.

  2. Cancel Partner Plan: To cancel your partner plan, promo code and all subscriptions with Prestozon we ask that you email a 30 day notice to Accounting@Prestozon.com  and Support@Prestozon.com  The 30 day notice is just for your Agency or Enterprise Plan minimum (typically $500/month or $1000/month).