If you're new to Prestozon welcome! Here's a quick getting started checklist to get you going in the right direction.

 ✅ 1. Set your ACoS Target
 ✅ 2Creating Keyword Rules
 ➡️ 3. Reviewing and Accepting Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions

How do I set my Amazon PPC ACoS target in Prestozon?
How can I create rules for Keyword Suggestions + Keyword Harvesting across my Amazon PPC account and campaigns? 
How Do I Review and Accept Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions in Prestozon?

Once you've completed the getting started checklist dig into our New User Guide for more details on how to get setup in Prestozon and learn about our 1 Click Campaign Setup and how to restructure your account.

Prestozon also hosts regular on-boarding and training webinars to help you get started, you can view upcoming events and recording of previous events here: Upcoming Prestozon Events, Training + Webinars or watch a recording of our New User On-Boarding + Training Webinar to get started.

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