Reviewing and Accepting Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions

One of the first things you'll want to take care of once you're connected to Prestozon is setting your ACoS target!
Once you've set your ACoS target next on your Prestozon getting started checklist is creating keyword rules!

 1. Set your ACoS Target
 ✅2. Creating Keyword Rules
 ➡️3. Reviewing and Accepting Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions

Here's a quick getting started walkthrough of how to review, accept and manage Bid Suggestions, Positive Keyword Suggestions and Negative Keyword Suggestions within Prestozon as well as some additional resources to help out.
  1. Reviewing and Accepting Bid Suggestions + Keyword Suggestions:

    1. ACTION: Review and Accept Bid Suggestions and Suggestions for Positive and Negative Keyword Rules  

      1. Before you turn on automation we’d recommend getting familiar with Prestozon’s Suggestions and getting comfortable with our methodology by reviewing and accepting suggestions manually to start.

      2. Bid Suggestions: When you connect your account to Prestozon your bid suggestions will start populating automatically over the next few days.

      3. Keyword Suggestions: In order to see keyword suggestions you will need to create keyword rules in order to see keyword suggestions.

      4. If you turn on automation for bid management or keyword rules you will no longer see suggestions as those changes will happen automatically.

    2. HOW TO: Go to Suggestions --> the default takes you to $ Bid suggestions but you’ll see tabs for - Negative Keywords and + Keywords as well. Here you can review the suggestions Prestozon has generated for you and determine if you’re ready to apply them. In a few easy steps you can manage your suggestions and get familiar with our methodology ahead of turning on automation:

      1. Step 1 - Review the 3 tabs for suggestions: $ Bid, - Negative Keywords and + Keywords

      2. Step 2  - For full transparency we provide you the data behind the suggestions, to see the data —> click the blue Show Data button at the top right of the table. This shows you the data for that specific Keyword/PAT, you can then click Show Changes shows to toggle back

      3. Step 3  - Directly above the Show Data button you’ll see a funnel

        1. You can click the funnel to filter your suggestions.

          1. First you’ll select the column you want to filter on: Suggestion/Automation Reason, ACoS, Clicks, CVR, Orders, CPC, CTR, Impressions, Sales or Spend

          2. Next you’ll select one of the following for Comparison in the 2nd column: equals, less or equal, less than, greater or equal, greater than

          3. Finally you’ll select the Value or Threshold (it’ll depend on what you selected in columns 1 and 2) for the 3rd column

    1. Step 4 - To make changes you can either select the value in the Action column in the table —> click the “Apply X Changes” button in pink or you can choose the “Show Bulk Actions” button in blue to apply changes to your entire list of filtered suggestions

    2. Step 5- Repeat the process above for each of the 3 tabs for Suggestions: $ Bid, - Negative Keywords and + Keywords

    3. Step 6 - Once you’re comfortable with our Suggestions get ready to turn on bid automation and automation for keyword promotion

    1. RESOURCES: Learn more about Bid Suggestions here or watch this ⏯ video and then read up on Negative Keyword Suggestions here

    2. TIP:

      • Bid Suggestions = Your bid suggestions are optimizing towards your ACoS target so make sure you’ve set the right targets for your various campaigns

      • Negative Keywords = once you’ve negated a keyword there’s no undo button! If you’re not ready to negate try reducing your bid for the keyword to get a better ACoS that may work for you.

If you have any questions let us know how we can help at Support Once you're comfortable with our approach and understand the reasons behind the suggestions get ready to turn on bid automation and positive keyword automation and never have to review those suggestions manually again!