One of the first things you'll want to take care of once you're connected to Prestozon is setting your ACoS target!

Here's a quick getting started walkthrough of how you can set your ACoS target within Prestozon as well as some additional resources to help out.

  1. Set your ACoS Target for Amazon PPC within Prestozon

    1. ACTION: Set your ACoS target! Your default ACoS target will be set to 30% until you update it. It's important to update your ACoS targets before setting up rules because the ACoS targets are used to suggest bids for new keywords.

    2. HOW TO: Look for the gear in the upper right corner --> select configure account + enter your ACoS target, this will apply to all campaigns. If you want to customize your ACoS target by campaign go to Campaign Manager --> click the pencil ✏️ to edit your ACoS + click the green check  to accept

    3. RESOURCESLearn more about how to choose the right ACoS target (you don't want to start too low) and check out our Amazon Ads calculator

    4. TIP: ACoS Targets Determine your color coding in analytics.

      • Green = ACoS is at or below target for that campaign

      • Orange = ACoS is above target but still below 2x target

      • Red = ACoS is higher than 2x target