If you want to add a new account to an existing Prestozon user, all you (or have the admin on the new account) have to do is give the existing user permissions in the Amazon portal.

This method of adding a user ensures that permissions stay aligned with your permissions in Seller Central, and lets you control these permissions at all times.

Specific instructions on how to do this:

To grant access to this new user, go to Seller Central then Settings in the upper right next to the search bar:

Go to User Permissions in the Account Management section (if you do not have this option, you may need an Admin on the account to help you):

To add a new user go to

Then, if needed, edit the user's permissions to include Sponsored Products permissions. Make sure Product Ads Performance Reports and Campaign Manager Permissions are enabled, like so:

The account will then automatically be pulled into the user's interface on our next account discovery API pull (twice a day).

(Note: New accounts need advertising data in order to be recognized by the Amazon API.  If this is a brand new account with no advertising data, it may be necessary to create a trial campaign (typically a low budget auto campaign), to get some advertising data for the API to recognize and start sending to Prestozon.)