Before you turn on automation, this in depth article can help you figure out how to get the most out of it:

How (and when) to use Prestozon Automation

Here's how to turn on bid automation on a campaign level in Prestozon:

Go to the Campaign Manager page in Prestozon (found in the top navigation bar). 

For every campaign that you want automatically managed, toggle Automation ON. Then click Apply on the top of the table. 

It may take a few minutes to start automatically applying your existing Bid Suggestions. 

Every night, Prestozon will evaluate all your keyword-bid experiments and optimize your bids for every keyword.

Here's how to turn on keyword rules automation:

Click on the "eye" icon next to a campaign that has the rule you want to automate.  This will bring you to the rule window where you can toggle the slider to automate the rule!

Why can’t I automate Auto campaigns?

Automatic campaigns can’t be automated because there aren't any keywords to manage bids for - Amazon picks your keywords and your bids for you. All you can change is the top-level budget for the auto campaign and the default bid. Auto campaigns are best managed through negative keywords, so check out our Negative Keyword Wizard.