Amazon only stores advertising data for 2 months. When you sign up for Prestozon we pull those two months and pull new data every day. As long as you stay a Prestozon user we will store your historical data so you don’t have to worry about Amazon deleting it. 

Prestozon also stores all of your bid history (unique to Prestozon, see the screenshot below) from the time you sign on to the platform. While Amazon only stores 60 days of data (which we import at sign up) there’s significant value in seeing your bid history over time so you can understand why past changes were made in addition to current recommendations. This enables you to understand the impact of seasonality, increased competition over time and better plan for peak seasons based on historical data.

Did you know you can edit a bid and view your bid history for keywords at the click of a button? 

Click on the magic wand next to a keyword and it will bring you to the keyword detail page so you can view your keyword bid history and edit your bid based on historical performance. 

Log in to Prestozon analytics and check out your bid history.